General guidelines for balancing Doshas

Follow these per Doshic guidelines to stay in balance all year around.

VATA Dosha

  • Keep warmTridosha Elements

  • Keep calm


  • Avoid raw foods

  • Avoid cold foods

  • Avoid extrem cold temperatures

  • Eat warm foods and use warm spices

  • Keep a regular routine


  • Avoid excessive heat

  • Avoid excessive oil

  • Avoid excessive steam

  • Limit salt intake

  • Eat cooling, nonspicy foods

  • Drink cool (but not iced) drinks

  • Exercise during the cooler part of the day

Kapha Dosha

  • Get plenty of exercise

  • Avoid heavy foods

  • Keep active (mind and body)

  • Vary your routines

  • Avoid dairy foods

  • Avoid iced food and drinks

  • Avoid fatty and/or oily foods

  • Eat light, and dry food

 *picture credit: Natural Ayurvedic Treatment

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