My reaching out to Serve The Warrior

So, who is Serve The Warrior?

Their mission and vision statements have said it all as to who they are.

Mission: To create community spaces that support healing and provide therapeutic tools to defend against the invisible wounds that American Veterans bring home from war.

Vision: To give back to our Veterans by offering healing and wellness themed programming and events that encompasses both traditional and nontraditional healing modalities. STW programs are offered virtually, locally, and nationally including a nonpartisan, national, annual retreat that expands across the country with programming specifically catered to each community.

I’m very proud to say that I’m one of the Serve The Warriors holistic healers, after going through their vetting process.  During this vetting process, they’ve sent one of their members to my practice to experience first hand what Ayurveda can do for the American Veterans.  After that, they’ve generously written a series of 3 articles describing their experience, and here’s the links to the articles.  And please check out the Server The Warrior website!

Server the Warrior:


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