Cooling Yoga Poses for Hot Summer Days – Part 4

 Wall Push: grounding, strengthening, stretching, thoracic extension hamstring stretching, and back strengthening.

Moving into the position. (general precautions: Do not push the knees backward while pushing the wall.  keep the chest in line with the hands, arms, and sacrum and lengthen rather than push the chest downward.  Do not hyper-extend the shoulder joints!)

1. Stand facing the wall, and place your hands on the wall – shoulder distance apart at the waist level.

2. While pressing the wall, step back until your arms and torso are fully stretched and the arms are parallel with the floor – your legs are vertical – do not push the knees backward.

* – With each inhalation, keep lengthening your arms, shoulders, and torso while pushing the wall with the palms of your hands.

*- With every exhalation, lift your sitting bones to stretch more in the hamstrings and calf muscles.

*- Hold for 45 to 65 seconds or as long as you can without pain.

3. To complete the position: Step forward and stand up.  Roll your shoulders (backward, forward) to release tension.

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