Ayurvedic Eye Exercises

Ayurvedic Eye Exercisesexercise-eyes

To strengthen your eyes:

Blink the eyes rapidly several times, after that open your eyes wide, move your eyes in following directions.

  • up and down
  • side to side
  • diagonally from top left to bottom right
  • diagonally from top right to bottom left
  • clockwise in a circle
  • counterclockwise in a circle

To improve circulation of the eccentric muscles of the eyeballs.

1. Hold you arm outstretched in front of you.  Look at the tip of your index finger, and gradually bring the finger close to you by following it with your eyes until it touches your “third eye”, between the eyebrows.

2. Look at the tip of your nose, and them up toward your “third eye”.

3. Finally close your eyes tightly, then release.

*After finishing the exercises, or anytime your eyes feel tired and strained, rub your palms vigorously together for a few seconds to generate some warmth, then place them lightly over your eyes.  Feel how soothing the warmth is!  Keep them there for a minute or two to strengthen and nourish your eyes.

– Secrets of Ayurvedic Self-Healing:  Vasant Lad –  http://www.ayurveda.com/

– the image credit: restoreeyesight.com

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