Herbal Remedies

Part of bringing balance to your health and life may include recommendations for herbal formulation. These herbal formulations will be specifically tailored to your dosha and current health needs.

In our herbal formulations we use and recommend an only highest quality products made from certified organic herbs sustainably sourced and fairly traded.

Certified Organic Herbs – Our suppliers have the largest selection of certified organic Ayurvedic herbs and invests in projects that will continue to expand the range of USDA organic herbs and products available in the future.

Sustainably Sourced – Supporting sustainable, ecologically-friendly methods of farming, harvesting and wildcraft collection of herbs.

Fairly Traded – Providing fairly-traded herbs with a commitment to the welfare of the farmers.

Safety & Efficacy – Supplying non-irradiated herbs that are tested for proper identification, microbiologicals and heavy metals to ensure safety and efficacy.